I Want My Wank Back, Yahoo | February 22, 2006

The thing is this. I’d like it to be easier to tell which set my Flickr photos belongs to. I regularly upload photos from my k750i via ShoZu, and I’m rarely in the vicinity of a PC when I do so. Also, I’m not always able to edit and arrange a given batch of uploaded photos before I’m ready to upload another pool of pics, so what I need is an easy way to distinguish these news photos from the ones that already there, and I need it to be in an enviroment where I can easily sort several pictures at a time. Like Organizr.

So, I open Organizr. I then click on my set of choice on the right-hand menu, and load my photo library in the main browser window. What I’d like now is for the photos in my library that are already placed in this set to be marked somehow. Perhaps a little dot in top-right corner, a thin, pastel-colored border or a semi-transparent shade of grey (these are examples, of course; the developer may implement whichever method they find most fitting). Either of these examples would highlight the images currently in my set and make it easy to see which ones need to be placed there. This way, I won’t have to strain my eyes, time and bother by figuring out myself which ones are new and which ones are old, and my employer would make more money off of my increased efficiency. Ipso facto, the world is a better place.

This won’t save me a huge amount of time, it will in fact save me precious little time. But it will save me time. Some.

Or maybe I could just do it the way I’ve done so far, cutting down on my daily wanks if I’m short on time. Which I’m not, as it is.

You see, this petty, bagatelle excuse of a complaint is what keeps the interweb still in its technological development infancy, and effectively assures the advancement and significant growth of internet tech and usability to be kept at a minimum in order to satisfy puerile nerds’ purposeless efficiency demands.

In short: Constantly adding incremental upgrades to the efficiency and “usability” of web-based apps ensure a worrying lack of focus on big-scale, significant progress.

A little bit shorter and slightly inaccurate: Progress halts evolution.

Even shorter, distractingly diffuse and with grain of allegory: Walking prevents us from running.

I want my wank back, “Yahoo”.


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  1. […] Speaking of self-abuse, a post over at Schadenfreude got me wondering about whether we need a rough unit for estimating time in the same way that the size of Wales is often used as a rough unit for estimating area; could we, perhaps, adopt the wank as a measurement of time? If ever I have to give a rough estimate of the time it took to do something, I usually arrive at a vague figure like “thirty-five, forty minutes” or whatever (for some reason I’m incapable of rounding to the nearest fifteen minutes like most normal people), but using a precise measurement in such an imprecise way feels wrong to me. Instead, maybe a wank could be the name given to roughly five minutes; therefore, it didn’t take me “thirty-five, forty minutes” to drive across town the other day, but “seven or eight wanks” (or maybe “seven or eight knuckles” in polite company). […]

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