An Honest Web 3.0 Prediction | February 14, 2006

Phil Sim over at Squash did an entry on the plummeting stock of Google. No offense to Phil, who regularly provides refreshing analysis on the ongoing Web 2.0 development debacle, but I couldn’t give a monkey’s tart about stock fluctuations. That aside, he made an interesting comment:

For the Barron’s piece, Google refuses to provide any executive comments. Barron’s fills in the space with analysts going all bearish over Goog’s prospects. This morning, Goog’s stock plummets.

In retrospect…

Imagine a b-list blogger doing a similar piece; the blogger’s effectively shunned, gets doubly bearish on ’em, GOOG is out of the market for good.

It’s hapnin I tells ya. It’s all MULTI-proportional. The lower on the ladder the article author is, the more terse he’ll be, the more the GOOG stock plummets. Geddit?

Imagine if I did this ― a z-list blogger. Within – lessee – next morning’s early morning eggs and bacon, Google would have been a forgotten chapter in intarweb history.

As a consequence, the Internets moves into Web 3.0. It involves interaction with your PC, not just via it as a means to interact with other human beings.

I’ve always been thinking about building one myself.

Big, firm, natural tits, big round arse, generally a little on the plus side ifyouknowhatimean, sexy laughter – that’ll do.

Cybersex the way it was always intended.

Shagging a tag shag cloud will of course be the new two-lesbos-in-a-threesome.

Shame Google isn’t around; it would be the best lay in town. The Jessica Alba of three point OHHH. I’d first take it in the G and do ‘er in the double-O to climax.

An alternative prediction, of course.


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