Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview Pre-Prelease | February 1, 2006

I’m writing this fairly safe in the knowledge that you won’t be immediately persuaded to switch back to IE having tried this first public beta version of the 7th iteration. The blogosphere, “made with IE”? Surely not.

Give it a whirl, though, even just for comparison’s sake. I haven’t the possibility to try it myself as I’m on a military computer that doesn’t exactly allow for much deviance (doing my proud duty… mandatorily).

From what the tour tells me, they’ve finally incorporated tabbed browsing this time – a categorical inclusion, really. Other new (read: new to IE, old to everyone else) features include RSS support, a built-in search box and increased (sufficient?) security, including an incorporated “Phishing Filter™.” Whether this holds up against the might of Firefox is too early to tell, but I don’t see it making too much of an impact on the balance of power we’ve got today: IE having the biggest chunk of market share much due to companies and workplaces sticking to the “safe” option of a well-known 1st-party browser, and Firefox slowly catching up helped along by a continuously bigger, buoyant user-base.

I’ll give it a try when I get home from work and let you know how I feel about it, but if anyone’s already been there, don’t hesitate to leave an in-depth, doctorate-ish comparative analysis.


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