Hi! | January 24, 2006

Lemme have a try at this again.

I always say I’ll give it a go, give it a whirl, try to make it last this time around, yet I always candidly and accurately exclaim that ” it probably won’t last.” It’s not often I’m right, but I’m right about that.

Sometimes – sadly to some, delightfully to others – the predicament is fulfilled prematurely. Prematurely, as in the baby wouldn’t have been able to walk his first steps. As in never even living to enunciate its first expressions of recognition towards its parents (His? Hers? It wasn’t bleedin’ born!). Prematurely.

Alright, anyway, so if you happened to stumble upon this “blog” and happen to be reading this, try to stick with my for a little while and see how it all turns out, yea? I like to think I’m quite a pleasant guy, but then again my mum does too, and I’m not gonna tell you the time of day she tells me that. Perhaps, you know, once in a while I’ll throw something on here that’s worth reading and debating. Critique, praise, bashing et cetera is welcomed and encouraged, the latter mostly for entertainment value.

I’ll try to post quite often, at least compared to the 1-post-per-quarter ratio I’ve been sustaining thus far.



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